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Jesus Shuttlesworth

Welcome to Hobby Talk by TENAMINT

September 30, 2022

The world is changing faster than ever. The same can be said about the seemingly disconnected and unrelated worlds of trading cards and Web3. At TENAMINT, we’re excited to keep up with these changes and share our knowledge with you, which is why we’re launching our HOBBY TALK. 

As some might know, TENAMINT is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell digital assets of your favorite rare and expensive trading cards from the comfort of your own home. We’re all about the hobby and the community around it, and that’s what fuels our passion for making collecting cards easy and accessible for everyone. 

With the nature of Web3 and trading cards both being such vast spaces to explore, it’s easy to see how a multitude of questions could come to mind. There’s a never ending list of new information to learn and not every question is easily answered by a FAQ tab. No matter how much you think you know about trading cards, there’s always more to discover, and with the rising popularity of Web3, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or left out of the loop. 

We want HOBBY TALK to be your go-to resource to make these complex topics a little less complex and a place where any barriers or ambiguities can be removed from the process of digital card collecting. Whether you’re a new collector who wants to understand the trading card industry, or an experienced collector looking to navigate the ever-evolving technological world, we want to make these topics easy and accessible for everyone.

Why Should I Collect Digital Trading Cards?

It’s a fair question and the explanation is simple.

Digital card collecting is an affordable alternative to collecting physical trading cards. As we’ve seen in recent news, trading cards are booming in popularity again, with stars like Drake, Steve Aoki, and Logan Paul all recognizing the serious financial and cultural potential of ‘The Hobby’. However, due to cost, not everyone has the ability to purchase the best of the best in trading cards. 

TENAMINT proudly democratises trading cards so you can own that ‘1st Edition Charizard’ or that ‘86 Fleer Michael Jordan’ card you thought you’d never have. Every card on TENAMINT is curated and fractionalized, meaning anyone can afford a piece of the best cards on the market. TENAMINT uses industry-recognized partners to appraise, authenticate, and vault every card. The more fractions you buy, the more of the card you own.

We’re firm believers that anyone, anywhere, should be able to participate in something they love. We’re all fans, at heart, and everyone should have the same opportunity to show their support for their favorite athletes. TENAMINT makes it easy for everyone to build their dream card collection.

We’re Here to Help 

Now you might be asking yourself, how does a physical trading card become digital? Which cards do I buy? Are they graded or ungraded? In packs or singles? How do I know this is a good price?  Should I buy on eBay, my local card store, or through TENAMINT? We’re here to answer your hobby questions and get you on your way to building your collection – your way. 

Each month, we’ll cover many different topics around trading cards, sports, and Web3. We’ll highlight how asset-backed collectables can make things affordable, how you can set up a digital-wallet, or things like how the card world may be overlooking our favorite young quarterback this year. 

We’ll also be providing updates on everything TENAMINT by highlighting how we’re continuing to improve our platform to make it the best card collecting experience on the market.

We want to give you the resources you need to collect with confidence, whether you’re buying into a card or listing your own. By staying up-to-date with our blog and any new updates, we’ll make sure you’re staying informed about everything to help make your digital card collecting journey the best experience it can be.