TENAMINT is a marketplace where you can buy and sell fractions of real trading cards as digital collectibles.


Every trading card listed on TENAMINT is stored in a industry recognized vault.


Collectors can list their own cards or join the marketplace to buy or sell card tokens.


TENAMINT allows collectors to build a diverse collection of the most coveted cards.


Card listers and buyers  earn rewards for every transaction that occurs on a card they own.

What's Your Goal?

Create your account.

Log in or sign up to start your card collecting journey. Don’t have a profile set up yet? Click the button below to create an account.

Browse the marketplace.

The marketplace is the place to find high value cards. View cards ready to drop soon or cards that have already hit the secondary market. We make it easy to see all of the cards available and what's coming soon.

View statistics.

Make an informed decision. Compare cards by looking at the share value over time. Additional resources, like player averages, box scores, and news help you decide whether the card is a buy or sell.

Purchase Tokens

Once you find a card you want to add to your collection, select the number of tokens you’d like to purchase, and simply checkout.

View your portfolio.

Once you've purchased a card token you can view your collection in your portfolio. Your portfolio will allow you to view all current holdings and their performance-to-date.

Watch your investments grow.

Your dashboard will also provide you with statistics of the performance of your portfolio. This area includes your rewards earned-to-date and your balance.

Showcase your collection.

Do you want to show off your cards? Display your collection in your showcase view. Here you'll find an easy-to-share link that provides you with a link to share it on all of your favourite social media channels.

Buy or Sell.

Once you have your shares, the choice is yours. You can HODL them, or you can list them in the secondary marketplace.

Do you have a card you want to list? Click here to check out the card listing process and why TENAMINT is the card collectors' choice for selling.

Get Signed-Up

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Submit your card

Head over to the List Your Card page and enter all of your cards details. We always ask card listers to upload clear images of their card so we can get it appraised on the collectors behalf.

Once the collector agrees to third-party appraisal value and the card is approved by the community, it's all set to be vaulted.


Once your card is approved for listing, TENAMINT will provide you with a pre-paid and insured shipping label to take it to one of our partner vaults. Once the card arrives, the vault will then authenticate, insure, and store the card.


After the card is authenticated, TENAMINT will then mint the card and create a digital representation (NFT) that is tied to the physical asset.


Your card is now ready for the DROP. We will set a launch date for your card and market it for you. On the drop date, your card will be available for fractional purchase at a set-price.

As a card lister, you will receive 100% of the appraised card value as the card drop is complete. In addition to this, you will receive a portion of the fees charged to the buyer.

Track your Listings

Your dashboard gives you detailed statistics of the performance of your portfolio. This area will not only show you your listings, but also the performance of any card tokens you purchase.

Showcase your collection.

Want to show off your cards? View your collection in your showcase to celebrate your achievements. The 3D card carousel lets you display your cards for all to see.

Sell & Re-Sell.

Once you have your shares, you can hold onto them, or you can list them in the secondary marketplace from your portfolio. You can also sell shares of cards you may own by uploading them to our site.